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Destroy spaceships

You are the last robot of its kind, defending the planet against mighty alien forces. In Skyrift, the only way to defend yourself is by deflecting projectiles back at attacking spaceships.

Destroy spaceships

Your goal is to destroy as many spaceships as possible. The longer you sustain, the more spaceships will attack, which will increase the difficulty rapidly.

Crack the highscore

With every destroyed spaceship your score will increase. Every score is stored in a leaderboard on this website where you can fight for your reputation as a worthy defender.

Name Score
MegaBadger24 5250
nerloch 3050
181Gaming 2300
Hoozah 1600
D4rkStr1ker 1350
CoNn3r B 1250
Defender of Earth 1200
Name Score
MegaBadger24 2200
D4rkStr1ker 2200
nerloch 2050
Hoozah 500
181Gaming 450
Name Score
CoNn3r B 2000
nerloch 1900
D4rkStr1ker 1200
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